Welcome To Momma Marta’s Blog

Welcome to Momma Marta’s Blog!

About a year ago Momma Marta mysteriously disappeared off the pages of the internet!  It started with a glitch and ended with Life got busy!  Over the past several months I have been asked by several readers, family and friends to resume this blog.  So… here it is and here we go!

Please note: Blog updates will occur twice weekly.  In addition some articles from the original blog will be added to the achieves section of this blog.

A Little About Me.

It occurred to me that new readers may not know me or my back ground.  I am a woman of many hats to say the least.  Some worn simultaneously, while others are worn at individual times.   Wife, Mother, Single Mother, Step Mother, Grandmother, Parent again after the age of 50 to a special needs child, Care giver to a parent with Alzheimer’s, Nurse for more than 30 years, Subcontractor, Manager, Cleaning Service, Crafter, Florist, Event Planner, Blogger, and entrepreneur… Hmm did I miss anything?  Well maybe a few, but that is enough for you get the idea….

Of all the hats I wear, the one that is most prevalent in my life is that of being a parent again at my age.  In April of 2011 two little angels came into this world way too early.  Born at 27 week gestation, their names, Hailey and Sophia.  Hailey was with us five short days then passed away.   Sophia struggled and has endured many health issues. Heart surgeries, gastric tube and tracheostomy and ventilator dependent, to name a few.  Through a series of events, I ended up adopting Sophia.  Although we still have hurdles to leap, she has overcame most and today she is a beautiful, healthy child.

At the age of 55 I am now the parent of a 4 year old child. It has its challenges and no doubt my life has changed drastically.  I have no regrets about my decision.  While I have lost much and struggled with the changes that my new life has brought me, I will be the first to admit that life is by far sweeter and richer because of Sophia.   Becoming a parent again at this stage of my life has given me cause to evaluate life, its meaning and quality, as well as the society that we live in.

Whether it is in our homes, communities, schools, country or on an international level, we all are affected by the things going on around us.

As adults, parents and grandparents, we are charged with raising the children of this world, governing society and maintaining the principles, values and beliefs in our homes.  As citizens we need to be forever vigilant.  Keeping watch that our freedoms and rights as procured in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution remain intact, and ours to pass down to our children.  Join me as I invite you into my blog filled with life experiences, advice, views and opinions.

Perhaps some of you will agree with me while others of you may not whichever the case maybe, I invite you to chime in! Voice your thoughts! Your opinions are always welcome… I would love to hear from you!

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