My Piece of the Life Pie: It’s not exactly what I expected, but the “Pie” is great!

My Piece of the Pie: It’s not exactly what I expected, but the “Pie” is great!

Life and pie are much alike. We share them and enjoy them and savor them.  Giving to family and those around us, but don’t forget your slice!

Learning About Pie

When I was a kid, I remember being sick and staying home from school one day.  TV back then was limited.  We didn’t have Satellite or Cable TV. We had a whopping 7 channels to choose from.  It was about noon, too early for Andy Griffith and Gilligan’s Island.  My choices were Soap Opera’s or The Rita Davenport Show (A local mid-day talk show on channel 5,   I opted for Rita!   On this particular day, Rita had a special guest on her show.  She was an elderly lady in her late 70s that had just written and published a book.   Rita asked her now that she had accomplished authoring and publishing a book what did she plan to do next.  The woman thought for a second, smiled then said something I have never forgotten. She said” I am going to enjoy my slice of pie”.   Rita looked puzzled and then ask what she meant.  The author smiled and replied. “Life is like a pie.  All your life you give a slice of pie to your parents, spouse children grandchildren and so on. But she added, it is important to save one slice of that pie for yourself to enjoy at the end of your life.  That is exactly what I am going to do now!” She proclaimed “enjoy my pie. “    I am not sure why, but I never forgot that statement. It made sense to me.

 Sharing my Pie

Well life moved on and I suppose that life for me was ordinary. I went to college, became a nurse got married, got divorced, raised a beautiful daughter and remarried. My daughter spouted wings and left the nest.  Ahhh        ! I started to think about that slice of pie!  Time was getting close for me to enjoy MY slice of the pie!  My plan was to finish working, save money, cruise, lay at the poolside and see the world from mountain tops!  Yes, life on my terms. I would enjoy and savor every bite of that slice of pie…(Sounds good huh?).   Well sometimes the guy upstairs’ has plans for us and our own ideas can be a little different… I personally think that he has a sense of humor that I have not entirely grasped as of yet.   I have the funny feeling that somewhere up stairs, someone is sitting and chuckling to himself and saying… oh yah?    Try this slice of pie!

My Slice of Pie, Not What I Expected

So at this point life went from ordinary to extraordinary. One day a little 1 pound 10 ounce little girl came into my life, a new little granddaughter.  Precious in every way. She had been a twin but only Sophia survived.   So many health issues to overcome but she was a little fighter. Due to a chain of events, issues, and the fact I was a nurse, I ended up bringing Sophia home.  My intent was to help her progress, become healthy and grow. The pages of the story turned and as they did life changed and I ended up adopting Sophia. Realizing that this was “My Slice of Pie” I lovingly gave her the nick name of “Pie”

At the age of 56 I am the Mother to a 4 year old little girl who has completely stolen my heart… At this point I can almost relate to the wife of Abraham and how she must have felt being told she would be a mother in her old age… I know how I felt … I can only image her…. She laughed and so did I!  Never the less it happened.

To complicate things a just little more, I am not just a mother again at 56… but a single mother again at 56! Now being a single parent is a challenge at any age, however, being an older single parent presents its own unique issues.  Young parents are in the mode of raising children and it is not unusual for them to already have children.  Possible mates are aware of this and expect it. Not true for the late life parent.  Potential mates are ready to enjoy their pie, retire and travel!  Most do not have start raising a family again on their bucket list! They want their slice of pie and I can completely understand.    Meeting a single bachelor at this point is sometimes a comical kind of experience with a wide range of responses!   I have to laugh at the look on their face, as they become almost paralyzed in fear as they stammer, spit, sputter and choke at the mention of a child. BUT… there are a few that are looking …I had to laugh when I met one man online his age was 64, his profile said that he was looking to start a family again. I thought wow this is awesome!  We started to talk and he then informed me I was too old for him!  Now I will admit there have been a few genuine men with good hearts that have come along.  Unfortunately, I just have not found the right one yet.  I say yet because I am still hopeful!

Life With “Pie

Life at 56 is full of fun and laughter.  It is full of trips to Sea World, the zoo the ocean and Disneyland.  Life is full of Doc Mc Stuffins, Dora, Mickey and Minnie.  It’s about story books and preschool, building blocks and games.  Life is like a rollercoaster full of ups and downs twists and turns and NEVER a dull moment! Everything to a 4 year old is new and exciting, and surprisingly enough it is the same for this 56 year old.   I think that I have come to the realization that I am living my second childhood and the best part is that I am not too senile to enjoy it!

So what about my slice of the pie?  I am enjoying it! I am savoring every bite of it!  I love life! I love my life, I love my Pie, and I would not change a thing.  She is the mountains top for me!

American Values: What Happened, and Let’s Get Back To The Values We Treasure

 American Values: What happened?american-values-momma-marta

What happened to marriages that lasted? Children that respected their parents, teachers, clergy and police officers? What happened to people that had good work ethics and would work hard for an honest day pay?   For that matter what happened to the Children that would mow lawns and do odd jobs to earn money for things they wanted

Just what are traditional Core American Values?

Somewhere between the time my Grandparents were married and raised my parents to now there has been a drastic change in our society

When did parents become subservient to children and children become entitled?    Entitlement was never part of any American Values we treasured.  Did we forfeit our integrity as parents, wives and husbands and neglect to protect our family and to raise our children to be productive parents and citizens?

Somewhere along the line priorities, morals and views became strewed, turned inside out and upside down.  Somehow we became a disposable nation and society.  Freedoms, marriages and children are as disposable as paper towels, paper plates and plastic cups.

Did we become a Nation of complacent individuals too concerned about what another group of people or nation think of us? Not brave enough to stand for what we believe.   Are we so concerned that we, individually may be jilted  our individual preferences, rights or freedoms and lack the courage to stand what is right and in the best interest of the Nation, Community or Family.

Have we neglected to put in to office political figures that truly represent what we stand for as a Nation?  Political figures that hold traditional American Values dear to them? Did we do our due diligence in researching out true understanding and knowledge to make an educated decisions on those propositions on the ballot or did we simply pick and choose?

One group offended and another group cries discrimination.  Our courts overturn and dictate. Our Government apologizes for who we are.

American Values: Our Foundation

american-values-bill-of-rightsOur country was founded with the purpose of religious freedom.  Our laws were based on the Ten Commandments, yet we argue if they should be displayed publicly because some are offended.  Our nations “Senate is opened with prayer, strongly affirming the Senate’s faith in God as Sovereign Lord of our Nation.”  (Per the United States Senate Chaplin’s office) But there are those who seek to remove the words from our currency “In God We Trust “ and strike the words from the Pledge of Allegiance  “One Nation Under God”.

Where will it stop?

I am only one woman and these are just a few of my observations and questions as well as my concerns.   I have to be honest I worry about the future for my little girl. What world will she and children like her inherit?  A world where what was once right is wrong and wrong is now right? One where we are not safe in our churches or on the street? One were children are not taught to respect and value life, family, home and country?  Will we leave them a nation that was contrary to the one that was intended by our forefathers? One where freedom is only an idea and not a reality?

In my opinion we should go back to the basics of our foundation.  We need to secure our families and teach the principles of Love, Devotion, Respect, honesty and honor.  We need to re-inforce religious beliefs and the value of work. We need to be active participants in our children’s lives and education.  We need to be responsible citizens, educate ourselves on political matters and keep a vigilant watch to protect and procure our freedoms. We must not be afraid to Speak out but exercise our right to vote and become involved in our communities schools and government.

American Values: Abraham Lincoln

american-values-abraham-lincolnAbraham Lincoln said: “America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”


American Values: I still believe in the dream

I still believe in the American dream.  I still believe that America is the land of the free and a great nation.  I am proud to be an American.  I am just tired of people making excuses for America.  Let’s get back to Good Old American Values and stand strong for… God, Country, and Family.